Organizational Consulting

In addition to working with clients and their families, Senior Alternatives offers consulting services as well as customized programming to meet your organization’s needs.

We work with medical groups, employee assistance programs, housing associations, social service agencies, facilities and private companies. In addition to Care Management and Caregiving programs, we are available to consult on a broad spectrum of areas from client care to program development and staff education. We also are able to provide in-service training to social workers, nursing staff and caregivers.

Examples of what we’ve done:

Care Management Programs

For the San Francisco region of a national disease social service agency, we created a packaged care management program for the entire Northern California area. Our streamlined procedures and discounted fee structure enables the agency to offer free care management to their clients, increasing their quality of life during the late stages of the disease.

For a local HMO pod we created a care management program that reduced post-hospitalization rehabilitation costs, as well as costs associated with repeat hospitalizations. We reduced the duration of post-hospital stays in facilities (e.g. rehab centers and SNFs) by providing monitoring and the necessary discharge planning.

Home Care & Care Management Programs

We offer in-house cluster caregiving and care management programs for residential facilities that enable cost sharing by clustering resident’s needs and providing a shared caregiver.

Typically, high functioning residents in facilities only need an hour or two of additional assistance a week, which is often below the minimum hourly requirements set by homecare agencies. By pooling the needs across multiple residents, we are able to provide caregiving staff daily to a group of residents at an affordable rate.

As part of the program, we offer a discounted care management assessment to all participants.

In addition to benefiting the clients, this benefits the facility as well, since it enables residents to age in place and reduces the costs associated with turnover.

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