Mental Illness Management

Senior Alternatives has a unique approach for helping manage the symptoms of mental illness.

We also specialize in educating the client on daily life skills management, including household management, bill paying, vocational and social options, as well as other aspects living independently.

We use a “check-in” protocol for symptom management and monitoring that enables our Care Managers to closely track our client’s mental state and ensure rapid response should symptoms appear. Leveraging a team approach, we involve the Caregivers, family members, friends, Psychiatrist and Care Managers in a closed loop, as indicated in the diagram below:


  1. Constant “check-in” monitoring of symptoms
  2. At the first manifestation of symptomatic behavior, we contact the Psychiatrist
  3. The Psychiatrist adjusts the client medication
  4. We ensure the new medication protocol is implemented immediately
  5. We monitor to ensure the change is effective.

In addition, we use behavior modification protocols based on activity planning  to reduce the risk of onset of symptoms.

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