Activity Planning

We prepare a tailored activity plan for all of our clients in order to enhance quality of life. For clients with Dementia and Depression, we typically plan activities based on what they enjoyed doing in the past. We then tailor the activity to something they can do in their present functional status.

Activities include socialization with other people, visits to a Senior Center or other outside programs, hobbies, or any other activity that provides pleasure. A pleasurable event can be as simple as eating a favorite food, or in the case of our late stage Dementia clients, providing more sensory oriented activities (e.g. smelling or touching). We train both our caregiver staff as well as family members to implement our recommendations.

By improving quality of life, we have seen a significant improvement in all of our clients, most notably those with Dementia and Depression. Clients with Depression have seen a lift in spirits, and our clients with Dementia have shown a decrease in agitation and other unpleasant symptoms.

Our work is based upon research conducted at the New York University Dementia Research Center, where Janet Brush, our founder and CEO, participated in the initial, groundbreaking studies.

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