Educational Videos

Below are a series of videos featuring Janet Brush, Director of Senior Alternatives. Please select which video you would like to view from the list below.

Feeling Guilty as an Adult Child:  Feeling the need to care for a parent or loved elder often leads to feelings of guilt.  Watch this video for some easy tips on how to recognize and manage those feelings.

Resistance to Caregiving:  Your elder family member may resist your attempts to help them or put help in their home.  Usually this happens when you attempt to hire a Caregiver or act as a Caregiver.  Here are some quick tips on how to approach this resistance successfully.

Behavior Modification for Seniors with Dementia:  Dementia-based agitation often causes very unwanted behaviors in our loved ones. Oftentimes these behaviors are triggered by something.  This video discusses how to modify these unwanted behaviors.

Defining Dementia:  Defining dementia is the first step toward managing its symptoms.

Managing and Living with Dementia:  This video series is from a local lecture Janet gave in conjunction with Dr. Eric Frietag of the Mt. Diablo Memory Center.  The topic focused on the fundamentals of dementia and different issues can be managed on a daily basis.  This is a nine-part mini-series.

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