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Are you a caregiver for a parent or spouse in homecare in or around Walnut Creek? If so, you have undertaken a loving and extraordinary task. Around the world, family members are generally cared for at home no matter their age or physical and mental condition. In our country, because we tend to leave the nest as we grow and make individual homes, often we leave aging parents behind, sometimes thousands of miles away. In this case, spouses are often left to care for each other without the support of their children, which can become increasingly difficult if one partner is ill or exceedingly frail. When adult children do live nearby and take on the responsibility of being a caregiver for an older parent, they may feel very unsupported by the world at large. But despite the societal appearance of isolation for people in homecare and their caregivers, in fact there is a vast and various array of resources and services available to ease stress and offer real, qualitative help that will make everybody’s life healthier and more enjoyable.

You may not be aware of how vital it is to tend to an older person beyond the basic essentials of meals, bathing, clean clothing, and medical needs. But no matter what condition your relative is in, it’s important to address him or her as a whole human being. While recreation may seem beside the point if your parent or spouse in homecare is not always fully oriented, in fact it is for those people that it is most urgent to find ways to keep minds and bodies active. Studies show that even the simplest puzzles, memory games, social interaction, and physical activity make all the difference in the world for patients with dementia, decreasing both frequency and severity of symptoms. Staying physically active when possible aids delivery of oxygen to the blood and brain, which can help to improve memory and overall health. But in addition to that, and just as importantly, it can be fun, for you and your loved one. To follow, find ideas and resources that can benefit both of you.

In terms of physical activity, aquatics are a great way to provide exercise. Water gives natural resistance to muscles while at the same time cushioning the joints. This allows an older person to develop strength and balance while simultaneously offering protection from falls, strains, or other types of injury that can occur when bodies are not accustomed to much movement. As we all know, physical movement and exercise is one of the most important factors for health and longevity for people of any age. Gentle movement classes are also easily found, and many allow even the wheelchair-bound to get their bodies moving.

When it comes to other kinds of recreation, it’s important to find activities that are both familiar and enjoyable. By nature, whatever you choose for or together with your parent or spouse, it’s going to add a layer of fun and richness to life for both of you. If your relative was a card player, there are many card games to join at senior centers around Walnut Creek, as well as bingo, mah jong, backgammon, and more. If your loved one has always enjoyed crafts, he or she can participate and find enjoyment at any level of ability.

Once you realize how necessary it is to get your relative in homecare moving and active, the next question is where can you go to accomplish this, and how can you get there? These questions often put a stop to finding the proper resources, but it is far easier than you might believe to meet these needs. The question of transportation can be answered through any number of services. Information on paratransit and taxi service for the elderly and wheelchair-bound is available here . Qualifying for low-cost passes is a simple matter of filling out a form. Find transportation resources in Richmond and Fremont as well, and in Marin County, call The Whistlestop for a ride.

No matter how dedicated a caregiver you are, you cannot possibly provide constant attention to your parent or spouse. And he or she can only benefit from interacting socially with others, particularly peers and people in similar condition. Taking advantage of the activities available at senior centers around Walnut Creek is a great way to achieve this goal. A very affordable yearly fee of $7 here entitles you to a variety of benefits and services, and gains entrance to classes and daily activities for older persons in Walnut Creek. This center in Hayward offers activities, games, daytrips, hot lunches and more. This link leads you to information on two senior centers with extensive activities, meals, even manicures, pedicures, and hairstyling!

But what about outings you can enjoy together with your spouse, like dinner and a movie? You are not limited in the city of Walnut Creek and its outlying towns and neighborhoods. Here you’ll find a complete listing of movie theaters with wheelchair access, comfortable seating, and listening devices for those with hearing deficit who might otherwise miss important dialogue. And after a matinee, why not grab a bite to eat in any of these local wheelchair accessible restaurants and bistros. Scroll through and find answers to all of your questions on cuisine, menu choices and prices, and find out where senior discounts and early bird specials are available.

As a caregiver for a person in homecare, Walnut Creek is a great place to be. You are surrounded by a supportive community that can help dispel some of the feeling of isolation that is only normal for a caregiver to experience. Now that you know what’s available and how important and easy it is to change and enrich your life as a caregiver, don’t hesitate to venture out and take advantage of all that Walnut Creek has to offer to you and your loved one.

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