Janet Brush, Managing Director of Senior Alternatives
"Janet, your dedication and kindness have made you a role model for geriatric social workers in our community. Through your leadership, you have successfully created an organization that operates out of compassion for the client and family."
— Director of Social Work at local senior social service organization
"Senior Alternatives has provided our family with excellent service - both in crisis management and supportive care. Carolyn Lonner has become like another daughter to my disabled brother. We have complete confidence in their professional care."
— Sister of client


“Senior Alternatives has provided two kind, high quality caregivers that have made a huge difference to our family.  Taking care of an ill relative at home can be quite difficult, and the professionalism, punctuality, caring, and flexibility of our Senior Alternatives caregivers has been first-rate.  Staff are available for questions and sudden changes in plan every day of the week, and are compassionate themselves. I highly recommend their team.”

Meg T., Danville, CA

“During the last decade of my mother’s life, the social workers of Senior Alternatives enabled her to live her life to its fullest.  They also enabled me to rest easy in the confidence that their advice and care would always be of the highest quality.   During the last few years of that decade and during the extremely difficult period of my mother’s death, Jennie Riley and her colleagues provided care and caregivers of unmatchable competence and empathy.”

Bill R., Richmond, CA


“Senior Alternatives helped us with care for my mother-in-law when her illness progressed to the point that she couldn’t be left alone. We found their caregivers to be very high quality, caring, and dependable. The caregivers worked with my mother-in-law while she was living in our home, and I interacted with each of them quite a bit. We also appreciated Senior Alternatives’ professional procedures: the caregivers documented and communicated everything clearly. We were very happy with their services.”

Elizabeth S., Oakland, CA


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“I am an overseas user of Senior Alternatives who has a mother living in the Bay Area of California. I have been using the Home Visit and Help Services of Senior Alternatives for almost two years, to assist keeping my mother in her own home.  The carer assigned to my mother has been consistently kind, competent and reliable.  The company’s management practices I value most are (a) their willingness to be accountable, (b) the supervision of their Care Staff and (c) their responsiveness to my questions and mother’s changing needs.  I recommend Senior Alternatives without hesitation.”

Donna M., Overseas

“Senior Alternatives is a comprehensive care management team capable of handling a variety of clients.  As a professional fiduciary who has many geriatric clients, I know I can turn to them for services ranging from consultation to care management to providing me with in-home caregivers.  Their staff is diverse and so is their knowledge.  They are very easy to work with.”

John M., Oakland, CA 

“I am very grateful for the services provided by this company.  My father-in-law seems very happy with the caregivers.  We have had caring persons who willingly look for a way to make him more comfortable, not just finishing their ‘duties’.  The office is always open for communication and they can respond to our need in a very timely manner.  It has been such a relief to me to have their services.  I compared prices, quality of cares, timeliness of response, and employment style of the home care provider companies before entering into a business relationship with this company.  The cost was somewhat similar but the pricing structure of this company met our family’s need the best.  I like the fact that the care givers are employees of the company so that I do not have to worry about such matters as workplace injuries (worker’s comp).”

M.A., Walnut Creek, CA

“Senior Alternatives has been outstanding.  The caregiver/companion they matched with my mother is perfect.   She is terrific and really understands my mother’s interests and needs.   Senior Alternatives is very easy to work with.  Communication with them is excellent.   I am totally satisfied.”

Shirley L., Oakland, CA

“Thank you so very much for your valuable help with my mother’s care during her last years.  I appreciate especially James and Blake for also helping me with my various issues and most especially I appreciate the care your aide gave to my mother.”

–Carol B., Berkeley, CA

Thank you all for what you provided for my mother and our family.  It has been a very difficult road with my mother and I do appreciate all your good efforts and intentions.”

–Madison T., Overseas

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“I’m writing to thank you for the excellent care that your employee provided to my aunt.  Jaimie was my aunt’s in-home caregiver from November 2008 through August 2009.  Jaimie had the difficult task of caring for a senior with Alzheimer’s disease who was very resistant.  She was angry, depressed, lonely, stubborn and very confused.  Jaimie was able to turn her life around by keeping her active and interested in life again.  She keenly figured out what my aunt liked to do and made suggestions to get her out into the world again.  Jaimie’s take-charge attitude combined with her unlimited patience proved to be the perfect fit for us.

Jaimie’s care giving skills are exceptional.  She is very professional and takes great pride in her work.  Without exception, she was always on time and dependable with her schedule.  Her sense of knowing when to lead and when to just listen and support is remarkable.  We found that Jaimie needed virtually no supervision and could easily work independently.  She was completely trustworthy with cash and credit cards for shopping and when Jaimie came across valuables that my aunt had lost in her home, she would always return them promptly and suggest ways to keep things more secure.

On top of her natural caregiving ability, it was a bonus that she was a wonderful cook, prudent shopper, excellent driver and always willing to help in any way.  We are very thankful that Jaimie came into our lives at the time she did.  She made it possible for my aunt to stay in her home longer than we thought possible.  When my aunt finally needed to move into assisted living, Jaimie’s support and reassurance made it possible.  She stayed with my aunt until she acclimated to her new surroundings.  She even encouraged and reassured me during stressful caregiving times.

I’m sure from Jaimie’s record you are fully aware of what a skilled, talented and compassionate employee you have.  I wish her the best in all future endeavors and know many people will benefit from her excellent care.  Thank you for providing such a great caregiver to us.”

–Ann R., Oakland, CA

Thank you for Ruth Ahearn, I think she is fantastic. Ruth has gone above and beyond in her involvement with Pat’s care. If all of your people are of the same cut, then I understand why your company came highly recommended by John Muir.

–Rich W., Trustee in Walnut Creek, CA

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